About Me

Hello! My name is Luke!

Welcome to Game Over Gamer, my site dedicated to the worldwide passion of gaming, a multi-billion dollar industry and the hobby of many. Within this site, you’ll find my blog called One Up, Level Up which covers reviews, disscussions on game development, and sharing my thoughts on gaming news.

My Story

Let’s start from the beginning. The first game I ever got to experience was Spyro the Dragon. My dad bought a PS1 to play some racing games with his friends. But then my mom bought Spyro so that she could play it with my siblings and I. Let me tell you, I was hooked the moment I got to hold the controller and actually play the game.

Ever since then, gaming has been a passion and a hobby, with my dream job being a game designer. I’m now in my twenties, still an avid gamer and now a developer that is currently working on my first full game that I want to make sure is worthy of your time. I’ve spent countless hours researching about the gaming industry, and I feel like I finally have gained enough knowledge and insight that I might be able to share my thoughts with some credibility.

Why I Want to Help Gamers

I love gamers. Us nerds have something special that brings us together. I’ve seen how many share my passion and there are people being introduced to new knowledge about games every day! I think that I can help bolster the community and it’s always good for topics to be discussed and new ideas to be brought forth, that’s how communities grow. I also know that a huge part of nerd culture, one that I am proudly apart of, is customizing our gaming experiences. So I figured that I can highlight some products that do just that, products that I personally love!

My Goal

So I thought I could do several things with a site of my own, one that will help gamers find new games to play, whether those are AAA games or cheaper indies that are definitely worth their price. A site that can share some insights into game development. You can go anywhere online to learn about game development, but I think my posts can bring something unique, because I won’t only┬átalk about development in general, but I can also post about my own personal development and lessons I’ve learned as I continue to embark on the journey of making games.

In summary, I love the vast majority of the gaming community and want to create a spot on the web for us and our passion of gaming.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Luke Pierson


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