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Hello Player One! I’m back, but this time showcasing an indie game still in development. I did not plan to write about Spyro related things twice in a row, but I could not wait to cover this game. The game in question is Nytro.

So, what is Nytro? Nytro is a 3D, low poly collectathon being made by Ohirakyou, attempting to recapture the feeling of exploration in a whimsical world, a feeling found in the original Spyro trilogy. But it seems that Nytro will bring enough originality to the table to be enjoyable to anyone, regardless of whether they have played Spyro or not.

I’m going to dissect this demo into several parts to discuss the overall experience. Then you can decide whether you’d like to check the game out. Keep in mind that this game is still in early development and should be assessed as such.

The Characters

Nytro is not only the name of the game, but also the name of the main character. Nytro is an adorable robotic cat. I can say with confidence that I absolutely love the character design of Nytro and that her color scheme is perfect. I love the plug tail in particular, such a neat idea! Nytro is followed by a Sparx-like character that tracks your health. This little floating robot is equally cute, and even has a bubble around it when swimming underwater.

The other characters that inhabit the world include some robo-rabbits and robo-fish, which help make the homeworld feel alive and peaceful.

The last character that I would like to discuss is the snail. There is a dastardly snail with turbo speed that will flee from Nytro as she gets close. The snail holds something precious, so it’s a good idea to chase it down.

The speed of the snail might seem too fast at first, but after speaking with the developer, I find that the speed is actually perfect. They told me that they want the snail to seem too difficult for beginners so that they can either spend time chasing it until they get it, or come back later once they’ve gotten better at the game. I think this is a good thing, as it’s a great feeling to accomplish something you couldn’t before simply because you’ve gotten better. Plus, if there is to be more snails, they can have different tracks that they speed around, and the tracks can be made easier or harder to change the difficulty of the snails, instead of changing their movement speed.

The World

The world in which the Nytro demo takes place is absolutely stunning. The demo only features a hub world, but this hub world alone makes me confident that the level design and visuals of the levels will be fantastic. I cannot wait for the time when I’ll be able to run around all the levels in the first homeworld. The hub of the demo feels familiar to me, reminding me of a mixture of the Artisan’s homeworld from Spyro 1, the Summer Forest hub from Spyro 2, and the first two homeworlds from Spyro 3. A relaxing environment that feels alive, peaceful, and waiting for you to explore.

Nytro knows how to draw the player’s eye to its environment. The windmill, waterfall, crystal caves, the crystal on the ceiling with crystal shards floating up to it, and the tree stump that emits wind from within are all eye-catching and just a hint at what is to come for the game. I love that the developer can create such a beautiful world in low poly, which is a skill that not many devs seem interested in doing since pixel art has been the main indie medium for quite some time.

I cannot possibly describe how beautiful these locations are, so instead I will post some pictures:

All in all, the world presented in the Nytro demo is a world that inspires exploration and discovery.

The Collectibles

In Nytro, you’ll be collecting two things. Bolts and golden gears. Bolts are easily found and gears are hidden.

I’ve talked to the developer, and I know that some levels or perhaps only the homeworlds will be locked behind gear locks, meaning that you must have a certain number of gears to gain access to that level. I do not know what the purpose of the bolts will be, besides simply collecting them.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the collectibles can make or break a collectathon. Of course the world and characters can help and hurt this as well, but if the main goal in the game is the collect, then collecting needs to be fun. Collecting in Nytro is very fun! I’ve collected 100% of the bolts and gears in Nytro three times now, and I would do it again just for fun.

For the demo, I would have liked to have something unlocked upon collecting everything within the level, just a little something to reward those that took the time to find everything. I understand that the full game probably won’t have little rewards for each level, but it would be nice for the demo. Perhaps this can be added in the next update?

The Controls

The controls of Nytro will be familiar to anyone who has played the original Spyro games. I personally have no problems with the controls and find that Nytro is fun to move around as you charge, glide, and swim your way across the level.

However, I’ve shown the game to friends and family that have had some issues with the camera movements, though this can be helped through the game’s menu, where you can change the style of camera as well as other things like inverting the X or Y axis. In general, the game controls quite well.

The Music/SFX

The music and sound effects in Nytro are truly great. They completely remind me of the whimsical vibes that Spyro gives off. I think that they totally nailed it in this regard. I’m not really a musician, so I don’t have a lot to talk about here, but I will say that the music completely complements the gameplay.


I highly recommend that you check this demo out! It’s shaping up to be a very fun game with visually stunning environments. Collecting everything is a blast, the controls are good, the characters are adorable, the music is fantastic, and the game is only in alpha! It can only get better from here.

For those who are Spyro fans, I suggest giving this game a shot while we all await the announcement of the Spyro trilogy. Keep an eye on this project, because I can see this game developing into the first Spyro-like to truly capture what made Spyro great.

Below is a list of links that you can use to check the game out, keep up to date with the development, and support the developer.

You can find the free Nytro demo here.

You can follow Ohirakyou here.

You can support Ohirakyou here.

Check out my video on Nytro here.



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  1. I hadn’t heard of Nytro until reading this post, and it actually sounds like something I’d love to try out! What systems are they planning to make it for, do you know?

  2. Love this post and all it’s content 🙂
    Speaking from someone who has played the demo of Nytro, It’s a super fun game, the world is definitely beautiful, and of course I love thats it’s a Spyro-like game. The Robot cat also makes Nytro just super adorable to play, so I’m all honesty, it’s definitely a game everyone should try out! Really looking forward to Playing Nytro when the game is finished 😀

    • Absolutely! I totally agree. It’s a great game for anyone to play. Thanks for the comment Arielle!

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