Spyro Treasure Trilogy Announcement Coming Soon?

Hello Player One! Luke here bringing you some gaming news!

This will be my first ever blog post on this site, and I’ve decided that this post will cover the series that started it all for me, started my passion in gaming, Spyro! As some of you may know, Spyro is said to be getting announced very soon, potentially even within the next few days. I figured I would chime in and talk about the various clues that all point towards a Spyro remaster coming very soon! I’ll start from the more well known and older clues and then work my way up to the newer and less known clues.

Spyro Demo Code in Crash N-Sane Trilogy

For those that do not know the history of Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, they are two of gaming’s mascots from the 90’s. Spyro was the mascot of Insomniac Games and Crash was the mascot of Naughty Dog. Well, back in those days, the two companies actually worked side by side in the same building. So they had a close bond as companies. There was some friendly competition as well as help offered towards each other. This brings us to the demo. Within the third Crash game, Crash Bandicoot Warped, there was a Spyro the Dragon demo. So, what does a game way back from the 90’s have to do with today’s gaming news?

The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy got a remaster made by Vicarious Visions, who works with Activision, the owners of the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon brands. This Crash remaster was called the N-Sane trilogy. It wasn’t long before fans of the original were testing out all the cheat codes accessed through the title screen.

So first, let me show off two pictures of the title screen:

Okay, nothing special. It’s just a title screen.

Notice anything a bit odd? And no it’s not that the original is selected in the first picture and that warped is selected in the second picture that I provided.

Speaking of selection, the option that is currently selected, like new game or continue is highlighted in white letters. Look back at the second picture, the one where Warped is selected. But wait! There’s no white lettering. This is because the Spyro demo code has been input into the game. The menu selector disappears. That’s odd, but what really points this towards Spyro is the fact that the selector only disappears if this code is input into the Warped game, and not the other two. Other than that, putting in the Spyro demo code does not do much else.

The real reason that we know for a fact that this is a clue is that someone delved into the code of the game and found a section where it talked about the Spyro demo. You might think, well if it’s a remaster, then they probably just reused the code of the originals and did not bother to take that out. Wrong. The N-Sane trilogy was built from the ground up, so they must have intentionally put that code in the game as a hint.

Let’s move onto clue number two.

Spyro Statue Crafted by First 4 Figures

People make fan made products all the time, but this is a company that crafts gorgeous statues for collectors. I know for a fact that Activision licensed the Spyro brand to First 4 Figures to make a Spyro statue. Plus, this is not a Skylanders version of Spyro that they are promoting. No. This is the original Spyro the Dragon. The importance of this is that Activision is clearly looking to say “we’re bringing Spyro back! The original Spyro that you know and love is coming back into the spotlight”. Why would Activision promote an original Spyro the Dragon product when they have a newer version of Spyro that they could promote? This is because the remaster is on the way of course!

Timing is Everything

The 20th anniversary of Spyro the Dragon is coming up this September. There could not be a better time for Activision to release a remaster of a classic IP that they own. It’s just common sense!

Not to mention that Activision mentioned that, after seeing the success of the N-Sane trilogy, they were interested in seeing several of their classic IP’s being remastered.

Falcon McBob

Twitter is a wide reaching platform of social media where companies can reach out to their fans and customers. Well, Activision recently acquired the Twitter handle “SpyroTheDragon” under a Twitter account named Falcon McBob. How do we know that Activision acquired it and it is not some random person who got lucky and got to have the Twitter handle of a major gaming brand? Well, some people have looked into the email attached to this Twitter account and found that the email, while starred out, clearly spells Activision. We know that it starts with an A and has the same amount of letters as the word Activision. It’s pretty obvious.

There is also some speculation that the account name Falcon McBob is perhaps not random at all. There is a company named Toys for Bob that works closely with Vicarious Visions, who made the Crash remaster, and also works with Activision. Does this sound like a mirror of when Insomniac and Naughty Dog worked closely and both worked with Universal? I think so. If the last name McBob points towards Toys for Bob, then what about the first name Falcon?

Some believe that the name Falcon is also the project name for the Spyro trilogy, called Falcon so that it isn’t leaked that the remaster is coming, but as of right now, this is only speculation.

Onto the last clue.

Target Leak

This is the most recent of clues, which happened just yesterday. People have tweeted at Target’s Twitter, asking “when can I preorder the Spyro Treasure Trilogy?” and Target answered saying:

“We’re all fired up for the Spyro Treasure Trilogy game as well! We don’t currently have any information about when this game will be available for pre-order. However, we’d encourage you to continue checking back for availability. Thanks for reaching out!”

When a major retailer replies like this, it is clear that Spyro Treasure Trilogy is certainly a thing and it’s coming soon!


In conclsuion, be ready for when this game gets announced! I personally cannot wait to see it, and I am hopeful that they stayed true to the vision of the original games. Keep an eye out and come again to see what I post next!

Happy gaming!


Hello! My name is Luke, I currently work as a video game designer. Gaming has been my passion ever since early childhood, and now I get to pursue my dream of making my own. I made this site to be dedicated to indie game development, along with other various gaming topics and news.


  1. Super informative blog!! 😉
    Excited for Spyro remastered!!
    Thanks again for all the information you took time to write! Fantastic blog!! ;D

    • Thanks Arielle!! I’m excited too! 😄 I’ll make sure it remains quality content! Glad you liked it!

  2. Heck, this is so exciting! And there’s so much here I didn’t know before. Do you know when Activision licensed the statuettes?
    Tsk tsk, Target 😂

    • Thanks! Glad it was informational! Yeah, they revealed the statues only a few months ago, like November if I’m not mistaken.

      Haha I know right, good ol’ retailers spoiling developer’s secrets

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