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Hello Player One! Luke here. This is the section of Game Over Gamer that is dedicated to my blog: One Up, Level Up. Here you’ll find my posts that will feature game reviews, discussion on game development, and my thoughts on gaming news. Be sure to check back, as I’ll be updating this blog weekly and I hope to promise fun reads for you! Plus, you just might learn something new! I might introduce you to an exceptional indie game that you’d love to get, I might teach you something about game development or share my insight as I continue development on my personal projects, and you might just get a slice of news that you haven’t yet seen! So stick around and let’s have fun!

If you are a developer and would like me to review your game, please email me at luke.gameovergamer@gmail.com



Hello! My name is Luke, I currently work as a video game designer. Gaming has been my passion ever since early childhood, and now I get to pursue my dream of making my own. I made this site to be dedicated to indie game development, along with other various gaming topics and news.

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